We have developed a technical team of highly qualified and experienced professionals allowing us to achieve top-level craftsmanship, strictly adhering to stringent quality codes, standards, and customer specifications. The team helps us to successfully perform any steel project no matter how large or complex.



The estimation team estimates the costs associated with upcoming projects and the impact a project will have on the organization to determine if the project will be financially successful. This is a skilled position requiring full-time hours in a combination of office and project site environments. Analytical and extremely detail-oriented people make good estimation engineers. Estimation engineers report primarily to executive-level management and other stakeholders involved in the project.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced Design engineers excels at designing for cost and construct ability.
They collaborate with the customer engineers to avoid issues and changes in design at the early phases of design which will otherwise add to the cost. The Design team involves the project management team during design analysis and design process resulting in fewer changes.


Our detailers prepare detailed plans, drawings and other documents for the manufacturing of steel items used in the construction of buildings, bridges, industrial plants, non-building structures, and the Sheet Metal industry.



The procurement team does extensive industry research, meets the suppliers and evaluates them to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices and on time.



The planning team helps engineering teams deliver projects on schedule. They develop strategies, determine material and labor costs, monitor crew performance, and ensure compliance to health and safety regulation objectives.

Cost Control

Cost Control

The cost control team follow-up for the budgeting and cost management of the project. Integrating with the Procurement, Engineering, and Finance Departments, they develop and maintain a detailed cost control system. They regularly perform analytical reviews and checks of cost reporting documentation and present cost status and forecast updates to the Project Management and client.


We derive performance through the use of most advanced and reliable industry-driven software for Steel Design and Construction.