Our passion and commitment towards excellence and customer satisfaction touch every step in our production system ensuring complex projects are manufactured meticulously and with thoughtful precision. Our structural steel fabrication and sheet metal products manufacturing capabilities lead the industry and provide the quality our clients can trust.



• CNC Plasma machines are utilized to process all the Structural Steel Plates, Pipes, SHS and RHS.
• CNC Laser machine is utilized to process all the Sheet Metal items.
• The advantages of CNC Plasma Cutting over Mechanical cutting include easier work holding, reduced contamination of workpiece, and dimensional accuracy. The quality of the final cut surface can be quite excellent with a sharp top edge, square/flat cut surface, and a sharp slag- free lower edge.
• All other profiles shall be cut by NC Band Saw & drilling is done by CNC Profile Drilling Machine.


Pre-fabricated single parts are assembled as per the fabrication drawings. Spot welds of sufficient strength and at appropriate locations carried out to form the Fit-up. Edge preparation is done for proper welding penetration and sufficient supports fixed to avoid any deformation during welding. Fit-Up inspections are carried out to avoid any mistakes and defects.


• Structural fabrication requires using the correct type of welding to ensure structural integrity. MIG, TIG, Arc Welding, and many other welding formats are available to compliment the specific type of metals and thicknesses needed for fabrication. Welding has changed the framework of many buildings by offering a more solid foundation than rivet construction. Not only is welded steel safer, but it is also cost effective.

• All the RCMI welders are tested and certified by competitive third party agencies.



•All welds are visually inspected.
•Fillet welds are inspected by magnetic particle testing (MPI).
•CJP/full penetration welds to be inspected by Ultra Sonic Testing (UT).


• Automatic Shot Blasting prepares metal parts for further processing like Painting, and Galvanizing. This step is necessary to ensure the coat adheres properly to the parts. Shot blasting cleans off contaminants like dirt or oil, removes metal oxides like rust, and mill scale. It deburrs the surface to make it smooth.
• Airless spray painting applied over the treated structural items as per the approved painting system.
• Galvanizing shall be done by out-sourcing.