Structural Steel Fabrication

Our diligence and drive for excellence reflects in our fabrication system ensuring complex project needs are met with top-level craftsmanship in the shop and efficient steel erection on site.
Our steel fabrication capabilities lead the industry through outstanding customer service and on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.


Manufacturing facilities are necessary for all sizes and types of businesses. Whether small manufacturing units or major industrial plants, there have to be buildings with large spaces and storage facilities. Irrespective of the scale, we have fabricated and erected structural steel frame buildings for a large number of clients across Qatar. We offer every project in a safe and timely manner, providing the best value to our clients.


We make steel structures for vast commercial facilities, such as retail shops, shopping centers, office complexes, and lifestyle stores, etc. We excel in delivering the projects efficiently and quickly, without affecting the schedule and budget.


The residential steel buildings fabrication, welding, and erection is a demanding process. This is where our team excels the most by bringing in the knowledge and experience needed to execute the projects efficiently and economically.